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26 Responses

  1. Does anyone else feel a little peek coming out

  2. I dont like rugby then i've seen this… WOW

  3. Meld says:

    HD version please… I. Am. BEGGING. YOU.

  4. Diana G says:

    Their body position in the scrum is wrong

  5. As a rugby player myself I approve

  6. readysteady8 says:

    Lol these girls would get destroyed in a game.

  7. was there a voice in the background?

  8. All schools should use this when teaching rugby. . . Or maybe a life representation of rugby using these acters

  9. ishala y dune azina nasibe ma she!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. EPR89 says:

    This was actually pretty informative.

    I'll… I'll just watch it a few more times….
    For education…

  11. Rachel Myers says:

    As if rugby wasn't lesbian enough..

  12. Just when i think rugby cant get any better…

  13. jewjob says:

    To many clothes for me to learn…

  14. ablestmage says:

    I think I just lost the game

  15. graiypz says:

    im definitely unable to learn

  16. b07rivera says:

    Wow, seriously, even Anderson Cooper will get out of the closet once in a while lol

  17. Don't understand anything about rugby in this vid. 😀 Must see airbags !

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