Hey Ya’ll!!

OMG I know it’s been like what seems forever since I posted! It’s been crazy for me doing this competition! Check out my Vlog with my process and make sure you watch til the end to see what happened at the competition! Don’t forget to give me a thumbs up for this video and leave me any questions or comments you may have. Until next time….Love ya’ll!!!

My mama, daddy, my sister Brittany, my bae Alex, Bilbo Sportswear for my suit, my posing coach Nita marquez, trainer Nathalie of The Beat Fitness Studio, Michael Blanks of Drenched Cardio, LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Ash of Got Muscle in Sherman Oaks, CA, Aglow Tanning Services, Deja Victoria Harrison (makeup artist), and so many more people who helped me along in this journey!

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20 Responses

  1. you look amazing at your first comp! I recently did my first and what an experience! You killed it!!

  2. kipi593 says:

    you are so nice.Love for you here in Finland.

  3. kipi593 says:

    hello,i think you have amazing future for you.great humour u got.

  4. you are so different out the bart baker parody"s

  5. cry baby says:

    Wow you have such a nice body shape and personality! I'm glad Bart baker showed you To me!

  6. Great job, and continue to stay fly! 😀

  7. yongronny says:

    Great! I hope you had fun. Also your sister is funny.

  8. Luli Mau says:

    What an wonderful accomplishment, I'm proud of you!

  9. Pretty dam cool! Like this a lot (: Going to be using this as inspiration for my own channel ay. Keep up the good work!

  10. long thing says:

    am confused..
    are you part asian

  11. Sackboi says:

    Wow this channel is gold you will get more and more subs if you keep up the great work

  12. SusanPlaysGT says:

    Hey you play as Nicki Minaj for barts parody right?

  13. cono taku says:

    i would smash you so hard tiffany

  14. Tiffany you are amazingly beautiful.

  15. I like your videos would of great if you replied I find your videos by watching the feeling myself parody Bart baker said to check out your channel I am subscribed

  16. Squad Life says:

    wow you worked the runway tiffany

  17. yoyo ma says:

    awww you so pretty, I started watching you from bart baker hun 😘 much luv from philly

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