Arnold Sports Festival 2018 BATTELLE Stage

ASF TV is the Official Channel of the Arnold Sports Festival.

Arnold Classic, Bikini International & Men’s Physique FINALS and Arnold Strongman Classic Final Event

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* ASF TV to feature the promotional, historical and sponsored training videos that highlight and promote the Arnold Sports Festival, the world’s largest multi-sport festival.
* A source for training, education, and motivation.
* Episodes featuring athletes, competitors, trainers, coaches, instructors, health club and gym owners.
* Providing advice, tips, workouts. To inspire you to hit the gym, lift those weights, live strong. Achieve your absolute very best; in sport, health and fitness.
* ASF TV opportunities – promote your brand, company, product or service. While sharing your passion and knowledge to inspire others to perform at their optimal levels of sport, health and fitness.
* Discover the Personal Greatness that lies within YOU! Whether your goal is to be in the best shape of your life or to walk the world stage of the Arnold Sports Festival.
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15 Responses

  1. Noor A says:

    Anyone has the video for stage EXPO for men's bodybuilding? Its blocked 🙁

  2. Good video! Always keep creating good content and you can expect to grow very quickly! Subscribe to our channel and we'll subscribe back!

  3. thornhill67 says:

    – Say "Hasta la vista!" – What???
    😃 cute little boy

  4. MrRamy says:

    What about all these supplements .. we in Africa living in hell we can't afford money for anything ..i think third world is shit . Great show congrat to mr.bonac

  5. Virt Real says:

    Don't waste your time and skip the first 35 minutes

  6. Andy Harris says:

    This year's been absolutely amazing 30 years great to see all the boys on stage together previous winners

  7. Shoukat Ali says:

    william proved that hight is not matter

  8. Cober Ruger says:

    Roelly disrespectful schmuck

  9. Yamagishiiiiiiii!!🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵
    Big hide is No.1 titties!!!

  10. Dexter and mcMiller are the best

  11. Lil B Press says:

    … your momma didn’t win

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