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  1. Jon Jordan says:

    girl changed her bathing suit half way through.her muffin was sticking out

  2. android user says:

    Lots of spinners. Daddy like

  3. MagBestial says:

    24 and 25, so fucking hot, I am crying why I cannot fuck both right now, while I am getting old and old…and they maybe call me Sir =(((((((

  4. trampFromJT says:

    Dev4enki vi vse SUPER !!! Privet iz Siberia +)

  5. todas com o toucinho raspado

  6. I want #25. Camera man is a fucking pro.Camel toe city!!!!!

  7. Jj Bb says:

    22 or 25. 🙈🙊💪💪

  8. best solution for fapping and jizzing, wOW

  9. Wow…look at all these girl contestants of the bikini contest. They are very pretty, beautiful, hot and sexy in their attractive👙 bikini.😍💕.

  10. camera man obsessed with camel toe

  11. Ob Bop says:

    Forget those African Moslem filth who cost the USA taxpayers enormous amounts of wealth and who commit too many crimes once here and will never assimilate and become USA folks. BAH!!!! Import the Hungarians and other East Europeans wanting to become Americans.

  12. Nice camera work, is that a handy cam?

  13. Exocomp says:

    camera man is a fan of the camel toe

  14. Everybody keeps saying 25 and I'm like are you crazy 24 had a prettier face and wasn't too skinny like 25

  15. Mientras estabas grabando como lo tenías?😁😂😂

  16. 😸😸 la 26_ te dejo bien crazy man jahahajaj😹


  18. Ronnie says:

    Clearly, none of them have been exposed to shitty American food. 🙂

  19. quiero hacer el amor con todas estan bien ricas

  20. First girl on in the video wins. #24.

  21. Stone Keeper says:

    Damn, they are ALL hot, even the announcer!!!!

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