Best 10 Minute AB Workout! | BIKINI SERIES

Today on, we have a brand new BIKINI SERIES workout! This is one of my favorite ab routines ever! It tones and sculpts your entire core ~ upper abs, lower abs, & obliques! Hellooo sexy, strong abs!

I love doing this workout first thing in the morning to wake the body up, after a run, or even after a booty workout! You don’t need any equipment so you can do this 10-minute routine ANYWHERE! There’s also a free printable to go with the workout! Find it all on!

Love this workout?! We have more Bikini Series workouts coming your way every Tuesday! Every week on, we’ll have a new fitness video to sculpt and tone your bod. Join the BIKINI SERIES today at for workouts, recipes, nutrition advice, and lifestyle tips to get into the best shape this summer!!

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21 Responses

  1. Thanks 🙏 such a fantastic ab workout! You are so gorgeous! 💗

  2. Shay JO says:

    giiiirls all the videos and workouts are amazing <3 <3 keep it up!!
    i have a question if it's fine to workout in the evenings? ?

  3. Hey i love your workouts.I have some concern while doing crunches do we need to contract belly or pls guide me how do i keep my belly at the time of exhaling ang inhaling

  4. I loooooveeeee this routine so much it has been my go-to if I need a quick ab workout. Thanks Katrina! 😘 🙌

  5. dawnandsi says:

    Just found this channel and am loving the workouts,especially this ab workout. Just wish I was on the beach doing it rather than I. The very chilly UK!!!!!

  6. Jenny Manker says:

    I have a sore shoulder and wrist and this is a workout i could actually do!! Loved it!!

  7. Whats the song name at 6:56 ? It stucked in my head for so long!<3

  8. Love this! Saved it in my playlist so I can do it over and over again 🙂

  9. This is my absolute favorite ab workout!

  10. Ria Ali says:

    Oh my God! You look like Heidi Klum 😍

  11. Emily Martin says:

    Where is your top from, Katrina? I'm obsessed

  12. Amazing!!!! It just work!! THANKSSSSS

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