Bikini Body Routine 2! BIKINI SERIES ☀

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Get your whole body fired up with this metabolism boosting, full body workout!

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Filmed on location in beautiful Newport Beach, California!!

We also featured our favorite jam, the song of summer 2014 – Deezy Daisy by Portland! We can’t stop dancing to it and imagining how amazing this summer will be.

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36 Responses

  1. MissLuanis says:

    One of my favorites! Never gets old ❤🌊

  2. Marcey Bee says:

    I wish I could workout on the beach 🌊

  3. ChandelW says:

    Loved this workout!! Everything is going to be sore!! Thanks girls 🙂

  4. Cara J says:

    Great workout ladies!!! Completed to the end.

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  6. Just combined three of the Bikini Series workouts and burned 325 calories in 45 minutes. I am sweating so much and can definitely feel my heart rate racing! Such a great workout. My legs are already sore. THANK YOU.

  7. Love Love Love.. and ouch on the last ones. yes

  8. That's so awesome I'm from New Hampshire tooooo

  9. Love your videos! Such an inspiration for my new channel. You guys are awesome!! :)) 

  10. kittifire says:

    I liked this because you talked through the workout. Sometimes I don't know what's going on if its too silent

  11. I dig all of the Tone It Up workouts! I've been conditioning my body for my summer travels: study abroad in Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland and Greece then travel around solo to Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Germany, and Ireland! Any suggestions eating as healthy as possible on a budget in these places? Love you ladies! Thanks for constantly giving us new workouts to keep our bodies and minds in it!

  12. Francy Cook says:

    As a beginner I found this extremely adjustable. gradually getting into it. I enjoyed it  a lot! thank you

  13. With each workout video…do you go through it more than once? Just wondering?!

  14. It Helps Me A Lot: FullyGet ☾Ѻ♏

  15. This workout was pretty moderate for me! I didn't use weights because I don't have any but I still did the workout. Thank you

  16. SHUTUPJOANNA says:

    omg katrina you cracked me up towards the end of the video with your bloopers!

  17. This summer I want to get pregnant

  18. Bonnie Lam says:

    WHoa. That workout was amazingly easy and was a good amount of cardio. I did this yesterday and replayed the video to get in almost half an hour and I am SO SORE TODAY!! (This is coming from a girl who regularly does TIU workouts at least 3x/week, an hour each workout.) I love when workouts are easy but still give a good burn. Great video!!!!!

  19. Kristina K says:

    Did this yesterday and definitely feeling the burn today! A good burn though 🙂 love these workouts!

  20. Molly says:

    is this workout for beginners only? I found it to be way too easy

  21. AmbrA says:

    I love bikini are great, thanks girls  :*

  22. wonderful 🙂 thank you! I love it <3

  23. Auti24 says:

    Yay!! Finally got it in for my BC!! Great workout!! Always love the bloopers too!

  24. Kelly Doak says:

    Love your videos keep up the good vids

  25. Did Katrina have a mic on? I could barely hear her.

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