BBG Workout Week 1 Day 1

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Playlist 1. Week:
Music: Weitless – sonar planet, Omen Of Devil, Blade Runner, Cheyennes Dreams, Its A Fine Day – Opus
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Here is a link to the long awaited video about my diet!!! Check it out!

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44 Responses

  1. amna mustafa says:

    I want to get rid of my belly fat without losing weight in other areas .. how could I do this?!

  2. I habe seen like she is in the week 9; and i lke she more in the week 1. I will eat moreeee

  3. Abbi ! says:

    1er dia TERMINADOOOO🎉🎉🎉🎉

  4. Sayali Kale says:

    I feel so de-energised after such a heavy work out.. what can I do to avoid it?

  5. Sarah Sovvy says:


  6. It's the next day after this workout and I can feel it in my leg. Good job!

  7. Can anyone tell me why there’s only 3 videos a week

  8. teetee729 says:

    Thanks for this video. This was tough but I did it, with a few longer breaks. Could not do all the burpees. Excited for this program.

  9. Hi.sorry for my english is not so well.l started the program but l don't deal finish the program.l do 15minutes and 20minutes walking

  10. The music sounds like you were gonna beat the shit of out the fat! Great job 👍👍👍

  11. Lucy Mathu says:

    Thanks Tereza for this workout videos, cheers to another round of doing this over again.*** It Never Gets Easier… You Get Stronger!!!💪💝💝💕…wk1 dy 2 here we come.

  12. I want to personally Thankyou for uploading these! I don't have enough money to buy the book but I saw your video and I followed straight through it and oh my god it was suc a work out! I'm sweating so much! Can't wait for more! BTW you only uploaded 3 days for week 1 is there more? Or is like you do it every once a day sort of exercise? Thankyou !!

  13. MyBaby.AndMe says:

    I am seven months post birth and I wanted to loose my baby jiggle. It may have taken me almost 2 excruciating hours but I did it!

  14. xanabelen x says:

    So it’s only 3 Times a week??

  15. Hong Park says:

    Thank you ive been looking for videos for it and now i can do it!! Cant wait to go back to the gym!!!

  16. #DEAD haha ! But so proud of myself ! If it's day 1, I can't even imagine the result at week 12

  17. Vanessa J. says:

    Holaa si alguien se interesa estoy buscando bajar de peso y quería armar un grupo de wspp para apoyo para mujeres, gracias

  18. Made it 20 mins they felt light headed. Wow! Going to try again tomorrow hopefully I finish the workout. You go girl!

  19. irena velka says:

    If she is doing exercise like this, I would expect her to look a little leaner.

  20. Deirdre Le says:

    whoever is shining the globe of light on her is irritating…shining it on her face on purpose!

  21. So do you do the BBG workout every day or 3 times a week? I've been wanting to do this workout for a while but could never really wrap my head around it. Much love 🙂

  22. That form it's totally wrong, and those burpees?? Do you still have healthy back? ….

  23. Yazmin Bemis says:

    THIS WAS INSANELY HARD! I did this yesterday and I'm a bit sore today.

  24. Does this tone up saggy thighs ? (From weightloss)

  25. LookshaFour says:

    Tried this and literally almost died – you make things look easier than what they are. Also I wiped out doing the second round of burpees aha. Great job and thanks for the motivation!

  26. Wanda Funes says:

    Hoy empecé! Voy a ver como sigue💪

  27. sia si says:

    How the fuck could she pull it off till the end I thought I was gonna die the last 10 min ..I hope day 2 is gonna be better for me 😩

  28. christina v says:

    I DID IT!! Thank you so much- I stayed with you the whole time and yes I was dying but I feel awesome. Can't wait to try the next one.

  29. Eva Garcia says:

    I finished 10 min on the treadmill. This is amzing. I hope i make it to day 3!

  30. Lidia Messi says:

    Te empece a seguir con tus ejercicios ! Gracias por publicarlos !

  31. FitDragon says:

    This is killing meeeeeeeeeee

  32. Javi Herrera says:

    Thank you so much for share this video! you are awesome, I can't even feel my legs lol

  33. Noran Tarek says:

    I will start this BBG from tomorrow & I'm glad that i found you before it .. this will just motivate me .. thanks sooo much 😭😭💓💓💓 u r amazing 😭💓💓

  34. Gan Guryu says:

    10 mins, i'm dying, and i'm a guy

  35. Los empiezo hoy y veremos como me va

  36. Andreea Nica says:

    My body is on fire 😱🤩

  37. Genji Ninja says:

    Is your legs fat or muscular🤔🤔🤔🤔

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