Bikini Competition Prep Explained | Body Transformation | Bikini Body Prep Episode 11

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16 Responses

  1. Much Appreciated, you taking your time out to post this ! i'm about to go into my first prep and this was very helpful as i'm in my research gathering phase !

  2. Llew Gibson says:

    Just seen your video mate, absolutely love the content. Subbed straight away, We should connect!

  3. Behnaz says:

    So obsessed with you videos, found you through your 10'000 calorie cheat day and been making my way through all your videos since!!

  4. Many thanks, I've been looking for "diets female bodybuilders" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Davidbiy Bodybuilder Tipster – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my neighbour got great results with it.

  5. So so inspiring Your before and after pics in just 12 weeks! I’m doing my first show in a few months and this is so motivating ☺️

  6. ProfessorRae says:

    Your hair color suites you much more than the blonde

  7. Lily Soria says:

    OMG! I love you bikini!! Where did you get it!

  8. Nicola Jayne says:

    Were you doing fasted cardio, hitt and training?!😮

  9. Debbie Reid says:

    Wow what an awesome transformation!!! You look fantastic!!!!!

  10. Maddie Iott says:

    hey sophie! Thank you for your video! I just got into lifting weights and have always wanted to do a bikini competition just to challenge myself. I was wondering if you are a new lifter, still growing and gaining new muscle, how far in the future should a bikini competition be? because if you don't have any muscle but you are cutting, wouldn't that impact the way you look???

  11. Foxy Fitness says:

    Great explanation. I'd love to compete in my first show within the next year. Awesome motivation!

  12. kaydee steed says:

    Hey, so with calories, did you start off with your calories at your recommended "maintain size" calories, or did you lower them to be dropping fat?
    I just run off the internet calculators and they have a few calculations such as the Maintain number, loose 0.5 per week, loose 1kg per week and then the opposite end which is to gain weight.

    Just not sure which number to start with

  13. love your videos, they are great to watch 🙂 really enjoy watching them and following your progress 🙂 great tips as well x

  14. T D9 says:

    Silly question but have you always had an "outie" belly button? Mine only sticks out when I'm really lean lol

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