Jessa’s Bikini Fitness April 2018

My Daughter had her first child only in February last year. Birth came via a caesarean and her recovery started from that day. Her child had some major health issues during the year which thankfully had a awesome outcome. She started back at work, juggling family, babies and work then only last October 2017 did she start a fitness regime with the Base from Adelaide. She became Vegan and commenced training right through until this day April 22 2018 where her determination, attitude and new found way of life won her 1st places in Over 30’s Bikini Fitness, 1st Place Bikini Mumma and a 2nd place in Bikini Open and a top 5 in Bikini Overall.
To say we are proud and excited by her cleaning up at the contest, my daughter proved with a strong attitude and determination, anyone can do this.
Well done Jessa, you should be so so proud as we all are. ❤️

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