Booty Workouts with IFBB Bikini Pro

Because who doesn’t want a bigger butt right?? Lets do disss~ Sign up for her online personal training app! You get personalized workouts and one on one chatting whenever you need to ask a question!


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40 Responses

  1. EmilyGhoul says:

    What workout should we do next ??

  2. dx says:

    I want some of that abs and arm workouts! This was hilarious! Love it! 🙂

  3. That ain’t nothing new Asian women have always had flat butts and small boobs .

  4. Yasemin says:

    I want a boob exercise i literally dont have any boobs fml

  5. LLI GUY says:

    Love your outfit and dem those titties!!!! MAKE EM JIGGLE!!!

  6. Is -mahan says:

    I was just watching the Ellen show that bts were in , I was shookt when I saw you on there! your reaction was priceless!!💗

  7. Edward Yang says:

    Why aren’t your tits jiggly? Are they natural? U kinda forgot to show nips in the video, you could’ve got more views

  8. John Wick says:

    I would smash that, cuz its my ninja way!

  9. BB JAI says:

    Oooooo both of them are really hot. I'm gonna put down my chips now.

  10. toppytangy says:

    emily's movements literally looks like she never works out LOOOL
    but is okay cause she blessed

  11. big butt and asians should never be included in the same sentence. if fact they should not even be included in the same book.

  12. You are the master or amazing

  13. Its written or its smelly but sometimes there is an exception

  14. Anthony says:

    you literally look nothing like your photoshopped pictures.

  15. Published on my bday… dope :).

  16. AyHay says:

    @0.01 “Hi I’m Emily” Leans forward for no reason to show them titties 😂

  17. 47474 says:

    My butt is super round and this will help it get it a bit bigger. Thanks ❤

  18. Chesca G says:

    wow babe you got me wantin to work out again

  19. Soo do u live in America or Korea?

  20. Nani says:

    what shirt are you wearing and is this a waist trainer? I really wanna buy it >.< lol

  21. Lil H says:

    Emily do a dance over! 😊

  22. The moment i saw that thumbnail, i clicked play. Evry man knows why 😂

  23. At 5:01 she implied you can spot reduce which is bull… sigh.

  24. Do you have an updated skincare routine

  25. MR Fub says:


  26. Lance Cruz says:

    OMG! all the boob comments. that is not whats this video fooor…

  27. This is not your normal workout video, I love it!

  28. Mareyes2525 says:

    Wow are her breasts real or fake?

  29. you should try capoeira, most of the movement are the basic exercise

  30. You have butt dear😊 it's just not hotter one😁

  31. What kind of waist band/corset are you using? I feel weird for asking but your waist is super tiny I’m jealous, I wann work hard and get one too :p ^~^

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