Lunch Date | Powerplay Bikini Competition | Chillin On The Farm | Vlog #25

I really hope you enjoy this vlog guys “Lunch Date | Powerplay Bikini Competition | Chillin On The Farm | Vlog #25”

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27 Responses

  1. You need to enter one of these fitness competitions.

  2. Munchel Lee says:

    Skincare routine please😍😍😍

  3. Moni Boo says:

    Su mi get inna di sing to yah muma

  4. Yay 😁😁 love the vlog 💜💜💜

  5. How much is the cash prize Sue? How much would you have won in 1st place? dwl

  6. Curltural says:

    Sue Sue..!! Big up urself.. love the vlog as usual ❤❤

  7. ok bestfriend I see you in the thumbnail

  8. Petite and her weekly movie review lol…i look forward to hearing ur view on the movies cuz if u say it's not good then I'm not going lol

  9. What a small world I know yanique

  10. When the notification came in I was like no sah vlog deh ya cyaa wait to go home go see what Sue been up to 🤗 your vlogs are great to watch. Keep up the awesome work girl!!!!

  11. keykey.cutie says:

    Sue always know where the parties are at go girl, me just love vibezz you bring when the vlogs are uploaded.

  12. Tt Taylor says:

    Such a small world I went to primary school with Yanique

  13. Kimia Libb says:

    Tag the page please.. can’t find it on the site 😩😩😩

  14. KING GOLDIE says:


  15. I know I am not the only one wondering when is Sue going to enter one of those competition.

  16. Kimia Libb says:

    Omg where u got your eye contacts from sue???

  17. I'm not being rude but number 5 should have won loool. I swear Perry just mek mi day all the time. Sometimes I'm sad and he says some foolishness on Snap and I'm actually cracking up. Like today he was complaining about how much the snacks from the supermarket cost I swear I was dying. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. Yo the discipline it must take to achieve those bodies is MIND BLOWING!! I'm in awww of these lady's. Beautiful chocolate sisters looking healthy and goddess like.
    Sue I see your vision trust me it's a great one to have.

  19. Suzy john says:

    your make up is on fleek and I do love that motivational speech well said. Mommy looking young and fresh.

  20. FANCY SHINE says:

    Didn't hear where your eye contact was from?

  21. Lmaoo when Shammy was about to sing her heart out. I diedd

  22. Contestant 5 is my Trinidad friend Nelly

  23. Very Inspiring!! I am into Bikini and Bodybuilding and have trained for these competitions before. They are amazing!!! And girl you are rocking that hairstyle Mi jus LOVE IT!! Mi cyah get enough dwl how she a so pretty so. NEW SUBBY!!

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