Bikini Posing Tips with Coach K

Coach K met up with Blackstone Labs Legion Member Jaimie (@missjloawee) to provide some posing tips for her upcoming bikini show.

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19 Responses

  1. Need more videos wit Shellbee. Blease PayJay.

  2. Drew Smith says:

    She looks right fit ..hottie alert : )

  3. plissken3 says:

    It will be nice when the fad of women getting awful tattoos is over.

  4. Baby Bird says:

    never mind I judged to quickly

  5. Baby Bird says:

    I'll drive out to Tampa and pick up that girls last place right now

  6. Baby Bird says:

    coach k next time can you get in your bikini to

  7. I'm A simple man, I see Coath Karen in the thumbnail I click.

  8. Tituobaklat says:

    This competitor is in awesome shape! 👏

  9. tobroke2007 says:

    I'm just here to watch coach K.

  10. Coath Kara come be wit me baby…

  11. Rust Nation says:

    would pay 20k for a lesbian scene with these two gems

  12. Mike J says:

    That looks like a girl that would take the meanest shits

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