POP Pilates: Bikini Bootcamp

http://www.blogilates.com POP Pilates instructor Cassey Ho leads you through a Bikini Bootcamp workout to slim you down and tone you up. Repeat this routine 3x through for a full length total body workout.

My sports bra, booty shorts, and jacket are all from BEBE SPORT.

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39 Responses

  1. sneha s says:

    Best workout ,those were great 10-13 min of life!!!!!

  2. hiba zayed says:

    How many times per week should we do this ,how long and should it no done alone or with other workouts?!?!??????

  3. Question–If we do this video as part of a set of videos for the calendar, do we do it once all the way through or repeat it like she says at the end?

  4. Repeat 3x?? What?! I don't think so…XD I'm not able yet

  5. Gabby M says:

    "how bout 3 more?"
    "how bout no"

  6. Anna Paola says:

    come on #rejuneivate  get that bikini body day 12!!!!!

  7. Erdbeere4511 says:

    All exercises were like slo-mo 🙁 I hated it because I'm used from you're other Videos to do them quicker ..

  8. Eric Dane says:

    Good Lord, Cassey. What a body you show in this one! You're so pretty!

  9. Blue Jay Way says:

    Wow intense the ballerina twist is a little tricky

  10. TazzieTay1D says:

    No matter what I try, I can't suck my belly button in. It is way too frustrating.

  11. The workout is awsome but the noise is awful – loud music, wind… Cassey, please re-make this in a quite place!

  12. Magnimazing says:

    Why do people ask questions but have the comments disabled….You know people can't answer you when there's no "reply" to click… -_-

  13. imQUEEN01 says:

    I probably did half of the video…. I hated this one 🙁

  14. Ohhstargazer says:

    and my back/shoulders are still killin from yesterday but i did the best i could with this…good job to everyone! you can do it!!!

  15. Maddie Stark says:

    This felt a little too advanced to me…Am I the only one? 🙁 Had to skip some moves. 

  16. Do we repeat this three times for Day 7?!

  17. ugh i feel like i am getting less motivated every day. anyway i got a leg cramp in the middle of this video and it sucked but I am done :)))

  18. wdrn2012 says:

    fetus cassey 🙂 she looks so skinny!!

  19. Dearestnee says:

    Who else just plops onto the floor when she says "go down vertabrain by vertabrain" ? lol ;-; I HATE HATE HATE the ballerina twist though. 🙁 Anyway. I AM DONE! WOOOOO! Good job everyone!

  20. Hi five to everyone who finished day 7 🙂

  21. What os up with the tricep dips today?! Urghhh so glistening today:)

  22. M.B says:

    I didn't like how slow this was.  And ik, ik it increases resistance and stuff, but I found it kind of demotivating 🙁

  23. Maggie Rees says:

    woo April abs done! Also, I couldn't help but laugh at all the men who were looking at you as they walked by haha ;D

  24. Taryn Miller says:

    I wore one of those things around my stomach and makes you sweat, and MAN, did I sweat!!!! Great workout today. I love how we have more cardio this month!! 😁

  25. kyla stack says:

    Day 7 seems to be hard to get through motivation wise with me, but I did it!!! #aprilabs  

  26. carissabush says:

    I can't do all the reps with the same form but I do as many as I can. Day 7, sweatfest indeed.

  27. deshansipan says:

    I love your outfit in this video!!

  28. I have a request — can u do either a video or a series possibly for those of us with bad backs? My scoliosis really kills me during some of these moves. I don't know how to tell the difference between a good ache and a bad one, but I also want to be able to sculpt and tone my body without hurting it. I'm sure I'm not the only one! 🙂 

  29. Day 7 done…. but I my wrist started to hurt during the 4th video of today so i couldn't do the first move properly 🙁

  30. Finished day 7 but I skipped a few moves!!

  31. Anna Dalton says:

    She wasn't kidding "Sweatfest"… haha 🙂

  32. 90210B90210 says:

    I'm so happy. It's my seventh day in aprilabs calendar. I'm so proud of myself. I love you Cassey.

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