Sexy Slim Stomach Workout from Home — 14 Minutes Workout your abs with Fitness Model Vicky Justiz as she takes you through a great 14 minute ab workout routine. You can do these exercises at home or the gym. Try it!
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31 Responses

  1. liviq says:

    Hi Vicky, could you, please recommend which exercises to do in order to achieve a smaller waistline but to also have the curve, so you can see how the waistline gets smaller and then bigger as the hips start. thanks

  2. Adn Gtz says:

    El trasero mas sexyyy se los juro :3 viky te amodorro del pedorro xd

  3. Wear those white shorts they help with the exercise better

  4. J D says:

    I wish I wasn't at work right now so I can watch this.

  5. Well am yet to try, don t know how it fill s like, but i think will be amazing .

  6. what a beauty, unbelievable, kisses

  7. Thank You, keep them coming great work you seem like such a cool person:)

  8. Killra says:

    Почему я подписан на этот канал? 😀

  9. sabrom says:

    Vicky, can you please email me so you can get my address to send me your shorts? thanks Sabrom.

  10. Black A.M says:

    denise austin send me here 😁

  11. PhuckHue2 says:

    lost it at 6:25. couldn't hold it back. I need a sandwich and a nap

  12. thank you for ageeing with me i work out like crazy everyday and i see your great results in my body i will never stop looks like you are a fitness junky youre body is amazing

  13. Another great video Vicky. You are my favorite

  14. TS175 says:

    OMG…that ass clinch at 0:30 was crucial.

  15. thank you Vicky that is my nickname I grew up with it -didnt know till twelve i was annette – i will add some of these to my exercises – may I suggest the shouderstand for stress especially a gruelling assignment best ever

  16. Clouds4Cheap says:

    Vicky is reaching perfection, her glutes, her abs, her skin tone, she is delicious!!

  17. her body is perfect because she works out so hard you motivate me vicky love uour exercises

  18. jimin666 says:

    how is your body so perfect? !?!😍

  19. I love this channel. Informative, and very appealing

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