Women Try One Size Fits All Swimsuits

“I mean I get swimsuits are suppose to cover the nipple. But I mean I think it should cover more than the nipple.”

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43 Responses

  1. I dont like wearing baiting suits beacuase if you go to the beach 2 minutes later u get stinged

  2. Emily Nicole says:

    The blond girl stayed the first swimsuit

  3. What if men see this… or young boys…… ummm…. you shouldn’t post these videos…these can teach kids bad manners…

  4. Jaslavie says:

    70% of Americans are overweight smh

  5. Asian girl and African American girl so cute💗💖

  6. bob hemnani says:

    Yes watching tv and eating pizza as oppose to exercise / eating well. Then complain about sizes.

  7. allie ross says:

    Nothing is one size fits all

  8. boo Boo says:

    The one with the black shirt and shot scrt

  9. Olli Lee says:

    Who made the first swimming suite?? Even for a girl with small breast it was small))

  10. Dominique says:

    The Most beautiful person is the black girl

  11. At least the black swimsuit ACTUALLY FIT ALL

  12. YB and Selorm were actually very beautiful! Well they all were beautiful

  13. The “black girl” is Freddie.

  14. Pusheen Cat says:

    Holy frick those girls are so crappin cute. Gawd.

  15. shahina 011 says:

    3:36 the black tshirt grl expression kills me😂😂

  16. Gabby Lou says:

    That Korean and Jamaican(?) Girl look beautiful.

  17. DogGirl5551 says:

    1:56 she’s complaining but look at the other girls compared to her lol

  18. EnemyWYGF says:

    One size fits all “healthy people”

  19. I’m under 15 and I have a size 8 bottom.

  20. I love that black girl she's definitely gorgeous😍 and it doesn't matter if she's black because color of everyone of us doesn't bother our beauty💖

  21. Am I the only one who saw that nipple slip on 1:52

  22. nicole blake says:

    Black girl be on 🔥🔥..we are represented sooo well 😍🔥👏👏

  23. I use tampon bigger than this 😂😂😂 i love her so much !

  24. Cobb says:

    the asian girl has the cutest face i've seen in a while

  25. The black girl looked really good in both swimsuits. I always thought one size doesn't exist because people have so different bodies it couldn't be possible and yup, it isn't…

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