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What is ASMR? Ummm It’s a type of relaxation. Get with the program. Lol

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored with any of the products or materials shown. The materials/information in this video may or may not have been altered for your relaxation.

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24 Responses

  1. Gurl ~ u definitely know how to rock in those bikinis 👙

  2. "Dolphin lips." LOL greatest ASMR ever.

  3. Remi Bois says:

    good lord… cant help but get hella turned on from this, your body is AMAZING

  4. ew, talentless sell out video, unsubscribing so hard

  5. You're so cute …and they all looked great on you

  6. You are so fine girl! Like Chun li kicking my ass!!

  7. That doggy dancing was better than Soul Train sheeiittt gurlll

  8. Heis says:

    Kimmy, you are a natural for stand up comedy. If you are in LA, you should get on "Kill Tony" (Tony Hinchcliffe and Brian Redban). They give young comics many chances to learn the trade. You can be absolutely hillarious. Check out Ali Wong, she's making a killing.

  9. Heis says:

    Call me old fashioned, but I've never concidered "nipples poking out" to be a bad thing.
    In this particular case, I wouldn't worry much about the boobie flattening top
    as the bottom gets almost 100% of the attention. Zupa hawt bootie, btw

  10. Catnapper says:

    You're thick <3
    Whats them digits?

  11. silent-skies says:

    What do bikinis have to do with ASMR and relaxing people? Lmao. It's just another excuse to show your body in front of the camera.

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