The civic is broken | BTS promo KX bikini shoot

I tell you all what happened to the civic and let you all come along to my promo shoot with Eddie from Kontraxion Clothing (@kontraxionclothing)


Personalized merchandise available on my website:


IG: littlebiaaa_fitxo
Twitter: @biancaowens
Snap: @littlebiaaa


Song credit: NoCopyRightSounds – On & On –

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8 Responses

  1. Slxxpy Jan says:

    wow Photoshoot nice, whats your MM #? i'll add you up.

  2. Bianca and you Heading back to Ocean City for Endless Summer?  If so lets Colab on a shoot!!!

  3. Should have taken a few pics with that rubber ducky in the pool.

  4. I love your reaction to the pool water lol and did you get rid of your stock rims? I hope the claim goes threw soon so you can get rollin in the civic again

  5. It's been a long time, you still look great, keep goin, thanks

  6. vagueaxis says:

    Keep up the work👍.. it was a bad time to get in the pool.😁😁🤣

  7. Klauss (spelling?) Is so freaking cute! Looking forward to getting myself a box of Nilla waffers! Because someone was snacking on them in the back ground! LOL Keep up the good work kid, Best of luck with the claim for the wheels, my city is full of nasty pot holes which are not to friendly to my civic either…. but if you aint living the low life that means you living the NO life, CIVIC SQUAD , LOWLIFE

  8. broken civic??? 🙁 time to get a mustang lol

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