BIKINI PHOTOSHOOT! FACEBOOK: TWITTER SEE MORE OF LISA: Hi guys, I thought you might like to see some footage from my latest modeling shoot! Enjoy and comment, YAY!
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29 Responses

  1. cool microphone! cant beat a good Astatic!

  2. Durimel says:

    hey nice vid check me out would meen alot

  3. Destin65 says:

    Wait a minute here… Lisa makes a bikini photoshoot video and there is not yet 10,000 views? WTF? This is like the best thing since air or something.

  4. John L says:

    0:45! You are a Jewish Goddess 😉

  5. you are sexy, but i disliked this video.

  6. @thecount your very welcome, just keep entertaining us mere mortals so we can worship you from afar 🙂

  7. Maleblade says:

    Nice bod,nice bod!
    (and the face is not too bad too). 🙂

  8. Crusade007 says:

    you post a video "BIKINI PHOTO SHOOT!" and I am only the 4000 some odd viewer ?!?!? I guess most the freaks on Youtube are Fake and .. GAY !! lol you look great ! good song choice !

  9. alfabravo98 says:

    nothing like a southern bell with a great ass and a perfect face!!!

  10. roaddjack2 says:

    Lisa should do playboy!!! WHAT???? i cant be the only one who thinks this!!!

  11. Hahaha! you had me at bikini!!! jk, Peace and smiles! Very beautiful! Be good!

  12. With the green-screen, I give a two thumbs up 😉 You are very versatile … the many sides of Lisa!

  13. carlos says:

    wow you should be in place for jenifer lopez or other celebrities!!!

  14. Orbiify says:

    You look stunning ! 🙂

    Love you lisa <3

  15. Laura Yepes says:

    you look like katy perry :O your face is really similar to the katy perry face

  16. @thecount nothing, its a nice vid, too fuckin nice, I really like it ^^

  17. @thecount i know that, you are taking over the world! take me with you.

  18. unoloquito says:

    @thecount go to NYTIMES.COM so you can see the girls from the advertisement pages.

  19. drotegu6 says:

    @thecount so does that mean that you live in florida then?8D lol

  20. Petri W says:

    @thecount Thank you for listening to me and keeping on doing your best to make me happy thecount Lisa!

  21. Randy V. says:

    @thecount yes of course, you look amazing! 😉

  22. hamdi said says:

    you look like a star … no YOU ARE A STAR !

  23. @thecount Lovely Lisa, I am typing this letters When You are sleeping. I wish you good dreams. In my religion, Huri is the most beautiful woman Whom God created ever before.

  24. realjuvelive says:

    Then you look better than her ! 😉 beautiful

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