Duct Tape Bikini From The Black Tape Project

Designer Joel Alvarez from The Black Tape Project showed his custom duct tape bikinis at Miami Swim Week this year during an ambitious fashion show of “stick on” sticker swimwear. I recreated the look from the runway in this report and learnt there are infinite possibilities!




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  1. This video isn't monetized. See the full version on http://www.Patreon.com/davisonvideo plus a hundred other videos!

  2. Keith Brown says:

    It'll definitely leave some interesting tan lines!!:)

  3. You look so good with your hair pulled back. I know you're a bit of a nerd and you enjoy your life but if you were to slut up a bit you'd be quite a showstopper lol just sayin. Love your quirky channel btw subbed.

  4. BobRooney says:

    no need for tape for them workin' girls. easy access!

  5. Doc Trower says:

    Say what you will about duct tape, but as bikinis, they're like surprise packages just waiting to be unwrapped.

    To answer your comment question, I like the triangle rendition.

  6. Dwane Yocum says:

    Next time, try clear scotch tape. Do you have any tattoos?

  7. Griffin Sky says:

    The reason why I like this video is because you actually explain why you wanted to do it explain how to tape felt like they would be pain coming off and you took a trend and you added something to it with the puppy thing so it's not just a copy or a trend well I mean it is a trend but you added your own Davison signature to it you know what I mean?

  8. lickredup says:

    Great video. Glad you had fun. Liked it, and liked it too. Thanks.

  9. Great way to depillartorize. 🙂

  10. Jon DGAF says:

    Uncensored version is on Pornhub….Great vid LOL

  11. Anordil says:

    10/10 puppy bikini 👙👍🏻

  12. I'm very nervous about the whole removal of the tape lol. But I kinda find it beautiful. Idk how realistic it is or comfortable for actual like beach time or whatever because I'm not doing it but I like the look of some of them its artistic. And as you said on the radio interview I can see it being used to model with.

  13. Puppykini rocks
    google "home vinyl cutter" for computer controlled cutting of templates you design – cutting adhesive backed vinyl of many colors and types…. wooooo

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