Styling and Makeup for Bikini Photoshoot | Fashion Photography Tutorial | Part 1 and 2

Choosing a right Bikini is important for doing a Bikini Shoot. It is not only the creativity of the photographer and stylist, model also should have a opinion in what she wear. When a model chooses a Bikini herself or at least if she is asked about her opinion, it can boost the confidence of model which will reflect in pictures while you click the shutter. In this video, we chose a polka dot red bikini with a red cover-up. After choosing the bikini, model changed into her bikini and we are doing the makeup for the photoshoot. We kept the same makeup as the previous tutorial and made only slight changes and touch-up. If you have not watched the previous tutorial, watch here

Model : Sneha Verma
Makeup Artist (MAU) : Manoj Pathak
Photographer : Ryan Shebeeb

This video is part 1 and 2 of Fashion Photography Tutorial #2 which includes Styling for Bikini Shoot, Makeup for the particular look, lighting and explaining Aperture in Shooting aspect.

Subtitles in 9 languages – English, French, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Telugu, Bangla, Malayalam and Tamil.

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    Please avoid hair extensions .. looks very artificial

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    Did you guys done any course related to Bikini ? Guys I am serious

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