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12 Responses

  1. Jesus, imagine waking up to her diarrhea face every morning, ugly fucking cunt & large as a horse

  2. I would make her come or make her bleed

  3. Can't stand this woman. Arrogant slut.

  4. terrybell49 says:

    super star. just love her. please move to sweden so you get a little closer to my dreams.

  5. Big E says:

    It is so disgusting how these types of females go for the black cocks…..yuk

  6. Critter says:

    I wanna jump Lindsey Vonn's bones!

  7. Jake Kellogg says:

    She is a champion, beautiful and an outstanding representative for the USA!

  8. she is unpatriotic and not pretty

  9. utUBEr00001 says:

    Stupid woman.
    You look and sound like a clown.

  10. Von should break her effing back next time she ski's, eff her she is a disgrace, she thinks she's so hot? She is nothing

  11. Andy McShane says:

    Vonn is a skank and a vile hater.

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