Bikini Model Photo Shoot – Debra & Brittany

Debra and Brittany pose for photos from Jam Photography before the TBA productions Bikini Model Contest in Florida. Contest was held at Winner’s Circle in Lakeland, Florida. Be sure to stay tuned for more videos from this day.

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13 Responses

  1. Rob Freeman says:

    Debra is freakin' SMOKIN !!!!! Those breasts !!!! Wow !

  2. 施秉宏 says:

    I want to用手握住妳的E奶。

  3. omg she's fuckin smoking hot love her the blonde is hot but the brunette she's just fuckin hot as hell love her body she's gorgeous beautiful stunning and fuckin smoking hot woman

  4. Steven Moosa says:

    What is Debra's last name ?? 

  5. Steven Moosa says:

    That Debra , just oozes femininity …. 

  6. If Debra walked into the room even the smartest guy on the planet (such as Neil Degrasse Tyson) would be utterly speechless.

  7. sarahgop says:

    what  is the  blondes  name?

  8. 2WheelTonio says:

    You got a tough job there, eh? Hahaha!!! Nice, very nice!

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