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6 Responses

  1. The Man says:

    Korean girls are better than this bunch of cum dumpsters

  2. vincentrich says:

    Man, those girls are hot! Nice and fit. Bikini is one of the best parts of the Olympia.

  3. those butts are so fine I cant imagine anything nasty coming out of them :p

  4. thelaurels13 says:

    The bikini division is for the pussy ass women who can’t lift heavy shit in the gym. I’m female and I hate this division. As I said it’s for pussys, not real women!

  5. Is that really a pose, the butt pose? Yes as humans the male homo-erectus sees his female counter part as a vessile for making babies, aka sex…..fuck all feminists.

  6. Bdawg02 says:

    Is there even a difference?

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