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This video is a cool little fashion haul of from an amazing brand named Cupshe. Their primary selling goods are bikinis and beachwear and have some amazing pieces. For further information find their details down below!

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Live Life On The Beach
Dedicated in fashionable and affordable swimsuits to inspire confidence and beauty
Exclusive Discount For Your Purchase:
4% Off Over $40  
Code: TLOB (Expired: DEC 31).
Cupshe Website:
Cupshe Social Media Channel:
YouTube: Cupshe
Instagram: @Cupshe
Products Featured in Video:
Cupshe Miss Me High-waisted Bikini Set: (Size: Small)
Cupshe Our Favorite High-waisted Bikini Set: (Size: Small)
Cupshe Feel The Magic Falbala Bikini Set: (Size: Small)
Cupshe Shore Thing Denim Two-piece Coat: (Size: Small)
Cupshe My Heart’s Singing Sleeveless Matching Set: (Size: Small)

Always remember to work hard, be kind and amazing things will happen ♡

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25 Responses

  1. Hii yesterday I subscribed to ur channel
    U speak so sweet where uh live

  2. Snowflake * says:

    Bhavya girl where have you been ? How’s it going ? When is the Sagan ?
    Waiting waiting for your next vlog ❣️

  3. Masakali -92 says:

    I Dono wat it is , you're looking dark n dull .. I think may be bcz of bad light I guess … bt you're amazing as always

  4. Collab wid komal frm my happiness plz….

  5. PAYAL MISHRA says:

    Hey bhavya, I love your videos and also just before commenting here I was randomly watching my one of fav Indian You tuber KOMAL NARANG'S old videos (Channel name: myhappinesz and komalvlogs) and I've seen HIMANSHU in it. Video's were old so it took me while for being sure but now that m sure, I feel world is actually round. Unexpectedly, I jump onto that video. May be you'll find it not a big deal but for me it's like some victory or something. I'm jumping lol..I've commented on komal's channel too😂 just to let you guys know got yaa hehe.

  6. Heyy…Do a meet up around Christmas..Plzz😘😘lots of love..❤

  7. Love you loads😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  8. Hey….
    Thanks for meet up plan. I m really excited about it. Love you so much 😘 nd nice video

  9. Luv u soo much… Waiting for more of ur videos 😘😘

  10. waiting for your sagan vlog 😚😚
    love love bhavya….
    2 months in delhi yooooo 🤗

  11. Cupshe says:

    Hi dear, thank you for your love for our bikinis. I really enjoy watching your video. Hope you enjoy them.
    By the way, here are the right items links:
    Cupshe Miss Me High-waisted Bikini Set:
    (Size: Small)
    Cupshe Our Favorite High-waisted Bikini Set:
    (Size: Small)
    Cupshe Feel The Magic Falbala Bikini Set:
    (Size: Small)
    Cupshe Shore Thing Denim Two-piece Coat:
    (Size: Small)
    Cupshe My Heart's Singing Sleeveless Matching Set:
    (Size: Small)

  12. Parmjit Kaur says:

    You should do try on haul please

  13. I hope i can meet you when you are in india❤❤❤

  14. Woohooooo!!!! Babe😍😍😍😍waiting for you darling…😍

  15. Yayyaya. See you in delhi. Many many congratulations to both of you. Love. ❤️

  16. Anjali yadav says:

    super excited for ur India vlogs❤❤❤❤❤

  17. Waiting for ur engagement vlog😘😘

  18. You should do a collab with Komal from @myhappinesz ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Faiza Sheikh says:

    I love you and your vlogs😍 u are the best n my fav vlogger ❤️ excited for your India trip ❤️

  20. siddhi sahai says:

    love you your vlogs and vedios ❤❤❤

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