Italy wins in bikini model shootout!

Will this prediction come to fruition? Will Italy indeed triumph in the World cup finals… check out these model’s world cups in this bikini shootout.

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22 Responses

  1. yeah you never get any really good videos on here. i found this site a few weeks ago with real girls that are horny as hell go here: GIRLCM.COM

    Why wouldst thou rude on me they wring-world right foot rock?

  2. Futbol is supposed to be like this!!

  3. noom67 says:

    Where's the Round Asses?! ~ All of these Babes look good, but the Asses…meh;(

  4. fucking LOVE the future and its not prudeness 😀

  5. dovestones says:

    The greatest sporting event in the world!!

  6. What a coincidence. The girls are in swimwear and the Italians went diving in Germany, seems to be a theme going on here.

  7. Mark Ventura says:

    This reminds me of the Alex Gaudino "Watch Out" music video. Maybe they got the concept for the video from the model's world cup.

  8. Kish B. says:

    and u spelled how wrong shut the fuck up biatch

  9. yes4me says:

    ROFL this is awesome but not from a soccer point of view 5/5

  10. Gesh84 says:

    Queste zoccole non si reggono in piedi

  11. Kish B. says:

    well sometime u try to confuse goalie by looking at another direction then shoot in the center

  12. juan kaba says:

    Que es esto tan maravilloso!!! deberian hacer un campeonato mundial!!!…se ve estas hembras si que tienen buena a-tajada!!!

  13. baby10magana says:

    OMG TY for posting this video!!!

  14. L. Corleone says:

    Rofl they made this in Holland veronica = Television programm from holland

  15. karimoh1 says:

    nigaz need 2 lrn haw 2 spell

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