Can you tell she’s only wearing a painted bikini?

We sent out our model Crystal Eastman, 24, to Venice Beach in Los Angeles for a MailOnline experiment to see how many unsuspecting passersby would notice she was not wearing any clothes.

A professional body painter, Octavio Solis, spent around two hours completing the look.

Some 25 people clocked the unusual sight and some even stopped to take pictures.

One man called out, ‘Beautiful’ while another asked, ‘Is that painted on?’

So would YOU have realised she was naked?

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28 Responses

  1. My pubic hair would give me away!

  2. Ewww that's just nasty and of course people can tell what is your actual point to this ridiculous nonsense????

  3. Joanie Adams says:

    she could carry her tits in her shoes

  4. Next time she wears a paint on bikini she needs to do without the bikini bottoms and and be painted totally nude then walk on the beach

  5. Yza Legaspi says:

    her boobs are so saggy that's why

  6. LivingSoul says:

    Do this in a Muslim neighborhood.

  7. Did any of you nitwits ever thought of checking her bikini bottom by dropping something on the ground and have someone behind her look, as she bends over, to pick it up?
    They wouldn't DARE paint that center spot of her rear. 😊

  8. Did any of you nitwits ever say, "Oh, I have an idea…, why not have her bend over". That would tell if her bikini bottom was painted on.

  9. Ed Wu says:

    Her nipples look like buttons 😚

  10. RacinGIRL911 says:

    Okay, I’m thinking that she should probably wear a top that gives her “girls” a little support….

  11. paul Bailey says:

    you can sure as hell tell they are saggy as fuck

  12. Dare Devil says:

    Most besutiful creation on earth ! WOMAN!!

  13. 0:34 how is her phone staying in her "painted on thong"? And that lady in the background tho

  14. I’m a girl and I would not do that

  15. Everyone would notice look at her tits no titties look like that with an actual bikini

  16. j d says:

    I love boobs that hang like that. Fuck what people are saying.

  17. Alexianna says:

    That sag as you call it is 100% natural folks. Not all of us are blessed with pert boobs.

  18. Rija kashyap says:

    Imagine if someone asked her for a swim together in the sea!

  19. ash nikko says:

    stop shaking the camera you idiot

  20. the greatest says:

    Fuck that,what ever happen to a bra.

  21. You can't get anything by Bernie Sanders. He spots the tits at 1:06

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