Big Deals:
All Bikinis:
Back-To-School Promotion:
High-Cut Palm Leaf Print Bikini Set ($12):
Striped Strappy Bikini Set ($13):
Bowknot Embroidered Bikini Set ($19):
Lace-Up Strappy Cutout Bikini Set ($13):
Underwired Plunge Bathing Suit ($13):
Palm Print Backless Plunge Swimwear ($11):
Cami Plunge Bikini Top and Bottoms ($13):
Textured High Neck Bikini Set ($12):
Lattice Padded Underwire Bikini Set ($21):
Lattice Padded Underwire Bikini Set ($21):
Padded Bandeau Bikini Set ($13):
Zaful Official:

Business enquiries-

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How old are you? I’m 15 years old 15/07/02
What do you film with? iPhone 7
what do u edit with? Final cut pro X


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44 Responses

  1. super video very nice bikinis look super have a good week

  2. abby xx says:

    Please do a room tour btw I love ur videos they are very interesting

  3. Mili Repa says:

    without seeing it what use is this video? No Like today!

  4. Sophia Moore says:

    cant believe youre actually 15 and super gorgeous😍

  5. Caoimhe Mary says:

    Plz do a Q&A and my question is where are you from?

  6. Maëlys says:

    hello i'am French and i've 16 years old i want to tell you that you can be proud of yourself because you are an Amazing and beautiful girl ! you are also natural, we love you 💛bye bye i hope that you have understand me

  7. "i have quite big hips hahahaha best jokes i ever heard

  8. Girlll your so gorgeous, your figure is amazing!!😍😫🙌🏼Love your videos so much they always put a smile on my face:) x

  9. New subscriber 🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐

  10. MNS 22 says:

    Can you do a makeup collection or room tour? Thx!

  11. xxaz xx says:

    Ur eyecolor is so beautiful 💕

  12. elena kovac says:

    i dont know why , but those are ugly bikinis

  13. antigonish63 says:

    Her site says she's 15. All you Romeos can just cool it. If you can't , report to your local Precinct.

  14. Can I just tell you how nice you looked in the bikinis😍😍😙😙😻😻

  15. Victoria a says:

    When you say you have big hips when you really don’t…just cringey listening to a 15 year old talking about getting her bum out

  16. Hey not to be mean but your hips aren't that big… You kind of made me feel bad because I have bigger hips than you and yea.. But omfg let me just say how gorgeous your makeup is!!!! I can barely fill in my brows but you can do full face like wow makeup tutorial please!! And btw my favorite bikini was the 3rd 🙂

  17. Create now we have another girl that the horny 12 year old kids can fap to you

  18. elise brown says:

    I’m exactly the same with the figure xx

  19. softieflex says:

    love your accent & you're so pretty omg 💖

  20. Jon Johnny says:

    very beautififul, how are you?

  21. Ali Higgins says:

    Does any small youtubers want to support each other? If you sub to me I'll sub to you. Comment if you want♥️ Xx

  22. Please can u do a makeup collection 💓xx

  23. Maddi Watson says:

    Do you use the front camera or back camera for filming? And do you use a tri pod and lighting kits?

  24. I would pay good money for your make up skills x

  25. alex zippo says:

    +Lilly Mae Are you from england? Thats really interesting 😀

  26. I'm trying to reach 100 subs by the end of this year, it would mean so much!

  27. Omg i love this video😍❤🌍

  28. I feel so ugly watching you, you are gorgeous

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