A Duct Tape Bikini And A Firesaw Are The Latest Addition To These Survivalists’ Arsenal

#NakedAndAfraid | Thursdays at 9p
While Cory attempts to start a fire, Anastasia uses the duct tape to fashion a bikini. Only one proves successful.
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26 Responses

  1. Chic brought duct tape so she could make a cute little bikini….she SUCKED

  2. KeVision says:

    Wow I’d hate to have her as a partner. I mean I get it for not having any Fire skills but at least try. I’d rather try than risk having a night without fire. Maybe try and help before you spend time on fashion? Survival or fashion? Fashion.

  3. Phinix says:

    She’s bashing Cory for not getting the fire going but she is just sitting there and making a bikini, not even trying to be helpful

  4. The Dude says:

    What a little cunt,
    "I think he overstated his skillet"
    Bitch you were sitting there making a bikini…

  5. Tonight on Naked and Afraid: Mr. Safety tries to start a fire while butt naked.

  6. He's trying to make a fire, and she's using their resources for a bikini

  7. Can you like, get this fire going and get us some water. I can't really move, because my bikini is literally gonna fall off.

  8. Michael says:

    Thot needs tit protection while he rubs one out

  9. Arushi says:

    duct tape in a forest? what a natural resource. what a natural way of living life.


  10. Jason Barker says:

    naked and afraid…………yet not naked………….cool story bro

  11. jflores85 says:

    She could have made shoes with the duct tape

  12. Ayush says:

    I always come here to see if there's an editing mistake

  13. David Twomey says:

    What a joke of a whole show!!!

  14. omg. he fucking broke it not gave up?? This girl is such a bitch!

  15. MRafaelDS says:

    Should have done the bikini later, the guy would have rubed the wood way harder… #Priorities

  16. Alassandros says:

    She sounds like a nightmare partner, a useless spectator who will do nothing but feed frustration by pointing out fault instead of encouraging effort or actually contributing to something.

    But hey, at least she's not naked anymore on Naked and Afraid.

  17. Like a woman, accessorizes before doing important shit

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