Best of Bikini Model Workouts 2013 & 2012

Who’s your favorite bikini model of the last 2 years? These girls workout hard: Working out their abs, legs, butt, and upper body. Doing squats, crunches, sit-ups, lunges, deadlifting, sprints, and much more. If you want a hot bikini body you need to work for it.

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14 Responses

  1. J.C. Mendez says:

    my favorite channel! talent and beauty!

  2. I dont know her name but my favorite was the one with the pole

  3. yummy lookin tummy. i wanna rub it too, badly,lol

  4. Purp1eMonkey says:

    omg this is too much for me to handle…

  5. Peter Fox says:

    I would love to vote but I have only seen two videos since finding your Channel a week ago. 😀

  6. Ben Sting says:

    Nicole Mejia – Carol Seleme 



  7. NewWorldRob says:

    I gotta go with Jaquelyn; that was My Girl in 2012! But at the same time Amanda & Vicky are fine as hell also…

  8. Nick Cade says:

    Vicky Justiz is my favorite but all of them are great!

  9. Inquestionably, Vicky Justiz was the finest model I've seen on this channel.

  10. Gary Gipson says:

    Exceptional group…but Rachel's the best

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