Girls Sexy Bikini Body Home Workout!

This is a great full body workout you can do at home or the gym. It has many exercises for the legs, butt, abs, and triceps. Its a great workout to lift your butt, tone your legs, and get firm strong abs. This workout will also improve your cardio and help with fat loss. You can repeat this workout more then once and do it every day. You can even add weight if you’d like.
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Model Courtney Vaughn

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  1. P.s.great workout!!! Youre delicious!!! And very fit!!!!! Wink!!!.πŸŽ‹πŸŽ‹πŸŽ‹πŸŽ‹πŸŽ‹πŸŽ‹πŸŽ‹πŸŽ‹πŸŽ‹πŸŽ‹πŸŽ‹πŸŽ‹πŸΊπŸŽƒπŸŽπŸ“πŸ’

  2. Ooh!!! My!!! Looking!!! Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!πŸŽ‹πŸŽ‹πŸŽ‹πŸŽ‹πŸŽ‹πŸŽ‹πŸŽ‹πŸŽ‹πŸΊπŸŽƒπŸ¦„πŸΊπŸŽ

  3. at the 31 seconds "go down on your hands and knees" lord please forgive me i have sinned!!!

  4. Richard Fox says:

    Beautiful girl, fit but feminine, love the smile at 12:53

  5. Jay Pee says:

    This is very well done. nice combination of nicely explained fitness instructions with a genuine product of those specific instructions and exercises

  6. these exercises will probably help me! credits to the owner of this video.. I will do this very often and see the improvement after 30 days.. πŸ™‚

  7. can you come and clean my kitchen floor soon ?

  8. MrEdium says:

    "THE AMAZING BEAUTY" with an Impressive Workout .

  9. 2628mike says:

    very impressive work out and all need is your body

  10. JGKJM says:

    this really works, but how long to you how to do this before you see the results? i'm doing this very often

  11. How much time need to devote in 1 exercise?

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  14. Maria Castro says:

    Hi Courtney, just wondering how long of a time I should do the mountain climbers when doing your entire routine? Please advise, thank you!Β 

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  19. Ariana O says:

    This is an awesome workout

  20. Baja Camn says:

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  21. Olesya Lynch says:

    what is a died tip that you might have to get rid of you access body fat?

  22. I want to fuc.. You in the puss…

  23. Josephine says:

    I really think these workouts are helpful even if you are not a woman or a bikini model.

  24. ebiehl9 says:

    2:05 thats what she said.

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  26. I cant answer for Courtney Vaughn, but I also have to be careful of my knee's after a sports injury, this is why its so important to keep all ur weight on the back of your heals as she shows, it can really damage the knees if you don't. Also wear knee supports, I used to wear those and they helped support them in a huge way without injury during exercise.. good luck πŸ˜‰

  27. Your workout made me my muscles burn n really feel it!!…awesome workout!!

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  29. TheLebron6 says:

    I am 16 but can you just marry me?

  30. Yes stretch! otherwise you WILL suffer the following day.

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  32. Justyn4d1 says:

    program za free i nie trzeba placic 10 zl w Playu :))

  33. I greatly enjoyed this work out and found it very useful and easy to follow and enjoyed the enthusiasm from the instructor!! Thank you!

  34. All in the butt, nothing in the head.

  35. alycia s says:

    thank you for the workout!!
    any healthy tips for diet?

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  37. ha there are much better sites than youtube for girls. you only really need one site its where real girls go to get naughty check out this:

  38. shaydayx91x says:

    Lol u looked like a retard when u did the first workout

  39. TaBaoHoBa says:

    I can't help myself.. I got a boner .. nice workout though πŸ˜€

  40. 00:37 they always have some excuse to clean ..

  41. computeraben says:

    I've tried this for a few weeks. It'a great! Thanks:)

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