Styling for Bikini Shoot – Part 1 of Fashion Photography Tutorial

In this video we are discussing on how to decided on the red solid bikini which was used for the Tutorial #1 and we also discuss what all things to be taken care before choosing the garments for the photoshoot. Photographer Ryan discuss the thought process in selecting the cloth and Model Sneha is talking about the reasons why she chose the solid red Bikini.

Model : Sneha Verma

This video is part of Fashion Photography Tutorial #1 which includes Styling for Bikini Shoot, Makeup for the particular look, lighting with one light setup and explaining ISO in Shooting aspect. Full tutorial is available only for photography students who are enrolled in our photography course.

Subtitles in 6 languages – English, French, Spanish, Russian, Hindi and Tamil.

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Lookbooks, Nude Photoshoots and Tiniest Bikini Collections are Part of
#BeautifyNudity campaign which is to encourage women to be #Bodypositive and to wear clothes to beautify one’s own body rather than to hide it and to educate men not to judge or shame women for wearing short clothes.

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