VIDEO Rakhi Sawant Hot Swimming Pool Music Video Shoot

Rakhi Sawant exposes herself in a hot bikini by the swimming pool in a recent music video shoot. The actress also openly threatens Sunny Leone. Want to know what that is? Watch this video to find out!

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19 Responses

  1. nnk neil says:

    Ahhh Wanna Fuck N Cum Inside U Sassy Rakhi Baby

  2. viral makeup says:

    Ik number Ki stupid and looking so ugly I hate u

  3. viral makeup says:

    u bludy cheap girl I hate u tu tyo sunny Ki chapel K brabar be nhi a

  4. Leanne Jones says:

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  5. Imran Ali says:

    ya to apki shoch ha k ap hot ho….. hahaha hahah.

  6. rakhi is a very very hot & sexy.
    .love you rakhi

  7. deep cheema says:

    sali tu wahut chalu hai pahle deti hai bad me chor machati hai

  8. Aditya Rana says:

    She is talking about Sunny leone.

  9. oooo please rakhi u r a big failure .. sunny is best .. u thing u r sexy r glamourous .. its sounds fuuny .. and one more thing sunny is not outsider she is punjabi .. so mind ur language rakhi ..

  10. Sunny to sbse ptaka h aur phle bt sunny bhar ki nhi h vo bhi indian h bs vha jake usne porn videos ki pr asli me vo indian h

  11. Carlton West says:

    Rakhi is regal & ravishing beauty.

  12. rakhi u r not a gaumoirs not sexy.then sunny plz shop this doing beach u r a failer sunny leone is best in world

  13. VIDEO Rakhi Sawant Hot Swimming Pool Music Video Shoot 

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