What is the Difference Between Figure and Bikini? | Tiger Fitness

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What is the Difference Between Figure and Bikini? | Tiger Fitnesshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcYh4K6xUfw

Tiger Fitness

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40 Responses

  1. tessa Alex says:

    Great points! Side note, please stop calling women bitches, thanks 😊

  2. Cuboid Siren says:

    Can a woman do figure natural? Are capped delts even possible on a woman without gear?

  3. Mark can you list some of the shows you've won and which was the best for you and most proud of etc. A bio of sorts would be interesting

  4. the guys back in the day look better to me than the guys today .

  5. Simon Taylor says:

    I look right at Mark's face during the videos, and because of the color of his chair, I keep seeing his chair as "the phantom of Mark's left trap"

  6. Omuco Rason says:

    Figure-More steroids
    Bikini-Less steroids
    end of story

  7. SlySy says:

    Marc you often talk about different federations. I have never heard you say anything about INBA/PNBA which is the only natural federation in the West Coast I am aware of. Any comments on that federation?

  8. Justin Jorge says:

    "mommy come fuck me face" lmfao 

  9. BSTIN FIT says:

    Mar random question: is it even necessary to bulk a lot in the off season? I've noticed you're shredded year around and barely look much different when competing. And you look great. I've tried gaining 30+ pounds in the off season then cutting. I've also tried gaining only 10 pounds in the off season then cutting and my results were quite similar. What's your opinion?

  10. Jacob Anthes says:

    traps lookin a little flat mark

  11. J Kep says:

    You are the realist dude in the fitness industry

  12. Fadi Chaddad says:

    The "look over shoulder come fuck me" Face LOL

  13. There are a lot of competitors at shows these days who would win men's physique and bodybuilding too. Physique has grown so much, the overall winner usually looks better than the overall bodybuilder.

  14. Will says:

    I have good friend (and through her have met many other bikini competitors) that competes in the bikini class. Her first show she didn't place but won the crowd favorite and the feedback being she was too 'hard'. The second show, 6 weeks after, she placed last even though everyone thought for SURE top three. Her placement had everybody scratching their heads because she looked 10x better than the troll that placed 5th… In that same first comp (different height class though) the girl that won 1st wasn't someone I would have picked because she was just skinny, although her presentation was good. Same for the tallest class. The girl that won was also simply skinny. 

    A friend of my friend also competed in both comps and in the first she placed 5th I believe because she was way too dry and hard looking and placed 2nd in the other comp looking exactly the same. Bikini is really confusing. At least with Figure and Physique you can generally make an educated guess who's going to win/place high.

  15. Anabolic steroids should be banned in all the women's categories.

  16. PirateShipps says:

    Figure, physique, bikini, i honestly think they come up with all these categories just to get more girls to strut around bikinis lol

  17. aj2674 says:

    Get naked for Dr Marc, c'mon I've seen it so many times its not physically attractive to me anymore. Bahahabahaha

  18. Alyssa single, Ibeen voting for mts and buying your products, help a bro out

  19. Alyssa PROlisano bro, get it right

  20. uaigneach says:

    yo marc i bought a bunch of shit from tigerfitness 3 weeks ago and its still not here :/

  21. kjrody21 says:

    Mark has some sick conditioning look at those forehead striations

  22. Eldin Vucelj says:

    I get guys walking to the supp store saying they dont wanna get too big omg.

  23. Michal says:

    "Look over shoulder – come and fuck me pose" – i died laughing 😀

  24. I enjoy watching Victoria Secret Model shows, anything else is a bit too much 

  25. Capped delts is the difference !

  26. bigtonutz says:

    marc why don't you do a bikini contest?????? im rick gainz bitch!

  27. Rene Ulloa says:

    I wonder if Katie watches these videos… Lolz

  28. shaun jones says:

    What's up with all the shirtless videos? Comes off a little G4P Mark! Lol your still my dude though

  29. Team Phoenix says:

    I'm doing bikini next year. I think I could do figure but I wouldn't like my body if I did lol

  30. Fox says:

    Lets be honest! the only reason there is Bikini and Figure Divisions is strictly for fiscal purpose to drive bodies into the seats! Kinda cheesey,, but aiiit…

  31. unknown says:

    Great insight into this world Marc. Thanks.

  32. This whole no shirt thing…weird as fuck haha

  33. Omg that a line to remember haha

  34. mloxley says:

    "I don't wanna get to big", "You won't, bitch." I love you Mark. 

  35. Alex Sutton says:

    Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats a good "Come fuck me face".

  36. Taalactief says:

    Look over shoulder come fck me face – HAHAHAHA

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