Miss Universe Bikini Competition

Miss Universe is an annual international beauty contest that is run by the Miss Universe Organization. The pageant is the most publicized beauty contest in the world with 600 million viewers. Founded in 1952 by California clothing company Pacific Mills. The pageant became part of Kayser-Roth and then Gulf and Western Industries, before being acquired by Donald Trump in 1996. The glamorous live event, featuring the most beautiful women in the universe from more than 80 countries around the world. Contestants are judged in three categories: swimsuit, evening gown and interview, as they vie for the coveted title of Miss Universe. In 2011, for the first time in its 60-year history, the Miss Universe contest was held in Brazil.

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32 Responses

  1. A figure with curves always offers a lot of interesting angles.

  2. Bina kapdo ke shutting karogi to Jada not milega

  3. wah keliatan semua body nya bagus

  4. Bran Sell says:

    Who else want to do a world tour after seeing that ?

  5. Stop being jealous fat people, they're beautiful

  6. aqua buddha says:

    in this clip Miss Kosovo, WOW…..my future Mrs if she is not married yet…..

  7. Jalice8881 says:

    Best shape possible, you've got to be joking! So few have curves, not much muscle, bones sticking out everywhere and hips that look like someones crap sculpture no good as a breeder at all. See what just wanting money does these days!

  8. Im_lustwolf says:

    i think that contest is how much they 'havnt' eaten, lel.

  9. tony valar says:

    1:10 that's true. women especially w/ hot bodies like these ladies should have confident in wearing a bikini. it shows a womans feminity. it shows that they luv there bodies, and r confident who they r, and what they look like.

  10. hans v.essen says:

    All these pageant  girl contestants are very pretty and their bodies are gorgeous, nice and even hot and sexy. Love them very much.

  11. Raiderz says:

    Waaay too boney. Half of them together couldn't fill a c-cup bra. Hip bones and boney asses aren't sexy…they just poke your crotch during sex.

  12. getXtan says:

    NEW! Solar Powered Suntanning Machine only 10euro+s&h, pop on getXtan.com-It Makes You Look Good* 🙂 #tanningreflector

  13. TheErcan86 says:

    God bless them for their work

  14. Benko23 says:

    Miss Universe ????? Where are the beautiful women..i just see some skinny…girls or whatever…who is the judge for those competitions…Lagerfeld i guess -.-

  15. Enorma Stitz says:

    I've never had chicks that skinny. Do they taste the same as the big broads?

  16. Mark DAlar says:

    Who is the winner,the one that can attract the oldest and richest guy ?!

  17. dgcool says:

    These girls need to eat some American hamburgers pronto.

  18. Dánoel says:

    están extremadamente delgadas la mayoria, no me gustan.
    Pero vamos que si hay que follar se folla no pasa nada

  19. aurora sabin says:

    I usually have confidence in my self but then when I watch this all my confidence just disappears 🙁 lmfao!

  20. they have nooo ass at all.where did you see the ass?

  21. portlas says:

    well sadly some are too skiny, not sure why these and models give such a bad view of eating for kids. at least some country have bbeauties with more normal bodies where oyu can not see the bones.

  22. rupert jimmy says:

    erm, i'm not sure if its me but i dont find girls that skinny attractive. also working "so hard"! eating right and exercise? they aren't bodybuilders. can't they get a proper job instead of lying around in the sun!? also, eat more and have some fucking kids while they're at it

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