Fashion Big Size Dress Large Size Bikini Show

Fashion Big Size Dress.
Nayane Rodrigues Lingerie and Vislumbre Lingerie
Video and large size fashion videos and fashion show in cities around the world … welcome to the channel which is of good quality brands that are made especially for plus size women dresses,skirts,shirts,Bikinis,evening wear,lingerie,tights,pants,jackets and other clothes for your own fashion videos, especially Miami and New York Fashion Show selecting images from this video and my channel you can find.
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28 Responses

  1. Anyone know girl in the yellow's name @ 5:30?

  2. this is repulsive. makes me wanna vomit on tinfoil then eat it.

  3. Fabian says:

    I bet everyone one of these ‘ plus size models’ wish they could lose 50 pounds and be ‘skinny’ models

  4. أحجام ثقيله أموت أنا في كده

  5. 1:27 that's the kind of SWITCHING that ignites dynamite 🌋🎇🎆🔥

  6. I wanna smell the ass funk on those thong strings!

  7. AL Nasseh says:

    Great video🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍

  8. Вот это да девченки оболдеть класс Молодцы.

  9. احيي واحترم من لديها هكذا جسم دمار شامل

  10. ummglick says:

    they got it all…tits ass thigh and beautiful faces

  11. اعشق هاي الاجسام في هذا العمر المتوسط الي تحب التعليق تكتب لايك وممكن المراسله و التعارف

  12. Henri West says:

    Delicious looking women sexy beautiful

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