Baes and Bikinis Resort 2019 / Paraiso Fashion Fair

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26 Responses

  1. Rami Krayem says:

    Priscilla Ricart at 3:38, for God's sake, a woman should look like this, less is skinny, more is fat. she is just perfect.
    Anyone say anything else doesn't know anything and should go fuck himself. Except women of course they will say she is fat, fat my ass, you are just fucking jealous because she is amazingly attractive, fucking beautiful and sexy.😍😍😍👏

  2. biffstudd says:

    What is the name of that great instrumental song?

  3. Arctic Ocean says:

    Оху^нные модели!!! Почему видео не 4K???

  4. Народ подскажите, это тенденции моды (антропометрия моделей) поменялись к лучшему или просто я не там смотрел все время?

  5. ¡¡¡ TODAS HERMOSAS !!!
    3:40 ¡¡¡IMPRESIONANTE!!!
    5:10 Y 13:20 ¡¡CARA DE ÁNGEL!!

  6. kozza nosrta says:

    Классная жопа 3:38, name please 5:12

  7. Wow babes u too hot and sexy i want to cummmmm btw this hot legs babe aaaaaaa cummmmm lustery

  8. Where i can find this video with better quality?

  9. Val Zal says:

    Свиноподобная ведущая уже реально раздражает.

  10. mafakka2 says:

    fat host is an irony, right?

  11. FalconBoxe says:

    Whats the name of the girl with big hair?

  12. Baes & Bikinis Original Fashion Show! 👋👋👋👋
    Great Staff, Great WORK 🌎.
    Fine Expert Italiano LOV3 ❤️

  13. To me Priscilla Ricart is the best

  14. Slavik G says:

    Какие красивые сиськи и большие у девушек, Фигуры шикарные, задницы симпотичные.

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