Kim Kardashian hot and sexy bikini photoshoot : Kim Kardashian is offering up a few details about her imminent career in music, and reveals how she managed to gain 10 pounds while living in New York City.”I can carry a tune. … I have a cute little voice,” the reality star told the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar. “I talked to people in the business, and they said, ‘This is what we do for fun. You go to the movies, you go shopping, why don’t you try what we do?'”In January, Kim posted some twitpics of herself sporting “Bo Derek braids” for her music video, and Harper’s reports that the video includes a collaboration with hip-hop star Kanye West. As for whether Kanye has ever tried to hit on her, Kim answered smiling, “We are good friends.”in bikini hot photoshoot sexy boobs exposure

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