Baes & Bikinis | Spring Summer 2018 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

Baes & Bikinis | Spring Summer 2018 by *** | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen/1080p – Miami Swim Week)

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27 Responses

  1. Wooooooooow the girl with the thunder thighs and the ass to match……. tiny titties

  2. biffstudd says:

    The modes are hot of course but props to the D.J.! This is a great mix!

  3. eg rapsilber says:

    pretty models, decent fashion, stupid hats (laughable even)

  4. Alisa Cat says:

    Tbh it's disgusting how women need to sell their bodies to be "sexy"

  5. 5:23 did she drop her flower hat or did she have to drop her hat ???

  6. 4:45 why would I wear that like it shows my boobs like what is that even a swim suit

  7. What the truck how did the girl at 16:35 get the job!

  8. Mr B money says:

    Hot women and great music 😊😊😃😃😁

  9. brak slow says:

    LOL most of them cant walk in a proper way 😀

  10. Sarah Bee says:

    4:52 when its no longer a modeling show but another addition to a porn entry resume lol cheap af

  11. Fan Sab says:

    European descend females are the hottest creatures in earth, their skeleton and how the meat,muscles, fat is distributed all over the skeleton is far superior comparing with the rest races in earth, no comparison at all..the European hot girls are no doubt look the same as paradise.. My beloved Europe from Finland danemark sweden to Germany France holland Italy and from Portugal to Spain to Greece to Croatia to Russia..etc and wherever this superior race has scattered all over the world to north and south America to Australia to new Zealand ..please stop mixing with ugly Africans and asians

  12. Samone says:

    Who was the first model???

  13. Anybody wanna press my booty.??? 💋💋💋💋💋💋

  14. Cool. Did not even see 1 tranny candidate.
    From what I saw of it. I was in and out.

  15. 4.45 best moment in me life. I lose Word.

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