3 Sisters Bikini Photo Shoot in 4K

Wow, three amazing and gorgeous sisters in a behind the scenes look at their recent bikini photo shoot, in 4K no less!

See more of them at

Betzaira @betzaira_m https://www.instagram.com/betzaira_m/
Keyrah @keyrahdayana_95 https://www.instagram.com/keyrahdayana_95/
Barbie @barbie_zulay https://www.instagram.com/barbie_zulay/

Special thanks to Jorge for helping me with a little video and photography! @pictureyouthis https://www.instagram.com/pictureyouthis/

And of course my awesome hair and make up artist @cynthiafu2 https://www.instagram.com/cynthiafu2/

And last but not least, Nick Marquez, our gopher and behind the scenes camera man.

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  1. Enrique says:

    Hola Felix, it’s good to see you back on you-tube, las tres hermanas are very nice, the photos are very nice, here comes the “but……….” a mini tutorial would be nice (for amateurs like me LOL), like what lighting set up you used, which lens, camera settings (ISO, f/ stop, shutter speed). Un abrazo.

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