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29 Responses

  1. Lesson learned,,, tie the lace of your bikini tightly… Hehehe…

  2. Pat Ribbing says:

    impress me!
    first time I saw a show like this, and haven't seen one like it since.

    Bet she has an awesome personality! 😀

  3. Yoni Veo says:

    Uy que ricq, i need the name, please

  4. All these comments probably sexual…

  5. man i would squeeze those boobs and fuck her so hard for so long

  6. abcun17 says:

    That is not a slip or a mishap… it is a blessing!

  7. Edward Brady says:


  8. Nole Delgado says:

    oh! very tempting hairy cunt. I guess she will caress it often when she learns to masturbate.

  9. seher Khan says:

    dis kinda women does not have self-respect bitch

  10. WaHaHa says:

    this video is very funny.

  11. como sellama sta chica…muy bellisima

  12. Hi I'm a little boy and
    I'm playing on my grandma Phone and I WANT TO SAY I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THAT MORE

  13. Andrea G. says:

    Grabe Sabi ng Kuya ko gusto nya makipag Sex sa kanya

  14. alnot01 says:

    What did we learn from this? That she, like all women who compete in bikinis or pose nude, shaves all or nearly all that God gave her down there. Like many other women, she has an inconspicuous vertical smile. Nothing here, move on. That the bikini bottom she was wearing was a costume, not a functional bikini. That this contestant has humour as well as vanity. Good.

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