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12 Responses

  1. Wilhelm Tell says:

    I wanna fuck her and come inside of her

  2. 308winsniper says:

    And the point of this video is……….?

  3. Mili Repa says:

    I would like to see you both without your clothes on. That would be lots of fun!! Yea

  4. shovel268 says:

    I thought this was a low budget porn🤤😂

  5. At the VERY beginning, ya hear Mum say "Got any chips (aka "tips") ?"….she is "pimping"her daughter to have her video taken by a "professional" and you can tell that he is trying to "direct" her….of course Mum is living thru her daughter, wishing it was SHE who was being filmed but her days are LONG gone !

  6. Altho this is NOT CP, this vid was in the pile of evidence in a case that was CP based….so I have been told….I only repeat the gossip I have heard !

  7. Rick Bignall says:

    She looks like a teen.and the guy acts like a perve or something…..

  8. soon as you get a chance, run!

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