Top 7 Bikini Girls at LPC3 – Up Close in 4K

This was the top 7 Bikini Girls who participated in the 3rd Lauren Powers National Classic. The Contestants were Erynn Blaker, Gwendolyn Morales, Jheanelle Whyte, Josie Aguilar, Kasey Camp, Katie Henry, Roxanne Mueller, Svetlana Chenko, Taryn Luquin, Terri Mcadams, Tiffany Lumaye, Theresa Espinosa, and Zoe Klopfer. The event was held by Lauren Powers in Costa Mesa on Saturday April 5, 2014. The event was filmed in 4K Definition so you can see every detail of these beautiful girls.

Music used:
1) Afterlife City by


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13 Responses

  1. arca1429 says:

    A mí me gusta el enfoque de frente en las chicas, pero no me llama la atención las que se ven musculosas

  2. they look nasty on a 4 k screen , you can even see those fake boob scars.

  3. mkygod says:

    Whats going on with their tans?

  4. dupont jean says:

    lol so fucki*ing ugly girl  just write   colombia audio car 2013  you will see BEAUTY not skinny shemale lol

  5. Luke Hall says:

    I must say your a bit of a pervert 😉 

  6. Danny Vee says:

    Dirty ol Leroy lol too bad u didn't show us who won..I'll bet he even forgot this was a contest 5 minutes in

  7. Miles Hennis says:

    Far right blonde best in my opinion. They should outlaw fake boobs, out of 14 total boobs only 4 look real and possibly 2 others…Maaaaaybeeeeeeee

  8. OneTallman says:

    wow.. u didn't lie about the close up…..thanks for recording in 1080. God Bless American Women

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