Bikini Model Monica Brant Takes On a Kettlebell Workout

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Monica Brant shows up at Punch Gym in Austin, Texas for a tough kettlebell workout just 10 days before her figure competition at the 2010 Arnold Classic!

Monica uses ropes for the “ropes gone wild” series.

Monica is a bikini model, figure competitor and cover model in the fitness industry. Monica has appeared on over 100 magazine covers such as Flex, Iron Man, Muscular Development and others. Monica hosts her F.E.M. camp classes around the world.

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11 Responses

  1. Alex Grin says:

    heard she was using magic pills?

  2. Monica Brant = perfect body fpr me. Those thighs, those abs

  3. Izom says:

    …please dont call her bikini model!? ;-() shes much more then that….

  4. verve2030 says:

    Where did you get those big manila looped ropes? Those are awesome and I would like several of those items. Where can I purchase that specific product?

  5. Rockw61 says:

    monica is awsome,what a body, i luv her

  6. Righto Joe says:

    @waynerjson Less Dude .. more Monica??? Dude…she probably has more Testosterone flowing through her vains that you and I combined. Sign of the Times bro….

  7. Lolo Future says:

    the actual kettlebell workout part is 30 seconds long close to the 6 min mark- I realize the name of the gym and the actual workouts don't have to be related but somewhat misleading.

  8. Kulmannnn says:

    Физкульт привет!!!

  9. @jshealy I was thinking the same thing but it could possibly be from all that dieting down.

  10. jdcruise2001 says:

    love the first girls body, wow those sexy muscular arms and abs mmmmmmm

  11. Sierra688 says:

    Look at that body. You could grate cheese on that belly! Nice work.

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