Bikini Model Monica Brant Trains Glutes

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Fitness and figure legend Monica Brant trains hamstrings and glutes at the gym. She uses plyometric jumps and reverse hack squats to train her lower body just days out from The Arnold Classic.

Monica Brant is a model, athlete and supplement sponsored figure competitor.

Monica uses strength training, cardiovascular exercise and healthy eating to stay in top shape.

Monica hosts F.E.M. camp classes around the world.

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40 Responses

  1. Linda Linda says:

    The highest jumps would blow out my knees for sure

  2. Izom says:

    holymoly…couldnt workout with her same time….;-))

  3. 1megasun says:

    that gap is nice on that baby blue…lol yeah

  4. I really like her shape pretty much 😉 (Y)

  5. Awesome. Wish my fitness center had that equipment : (

  6. Hector Lopez says:

    GOOD una leyenda ….. la mejor sin duda !

  7. Scott York says:

    You sure can. But if 15-20 reps is too easy, add weight.

  8. 660hpCamaro says:

    Standing backwards on the leg press and jumping like a frog= goof ball

  9. Daniel Hagan says:

    It helps to actually use weight….

  10. Chris says:


  11. Danny Bum says:

    I take it U have a nice lifted round brown booty, huh Miss.

  12. Scott York says:

    You can add weight in small increments (2 1/2 lbs, 5 lbs, etc to each side) BUT I would recommend doing this exercise with no weight (except the weight of the machine) and work up to higher reps. I would not do this exercise after barbell squats or any other exercise that fatigues the lower back. There's a lot of targeted lower back work going on here so make sure you're lower back is not fatigued from other exercises. So try: leg press, lunges, adductor, hams and finish the workout this.

  13. Zae Jackson says:

    I never seen or used a squat machine like that , OMG I want it !!!!!

  14. 42BorTirb says:

    No, you can tell when someone has a flat, but toned butt. Hers is definitely a rotund, athletic butt. You can't be flat if something is "pokin out."

  15. Ass is a natural asset with most black women but there is one black woman on YT (Buffy) who works out with the emphasis on the butt and is helping women to obtain what she has an usual amount of. Over 40,000 women are subscribed to her at Bootynomics. She has over 90 videos dedicated to working the butt.

  16. omgomghify says:

    who could lift with this going on?

  17. juan montoya says:

    buen ejercicio para aumento de fuerza en piernas.

  18. vincentrich says:

    The guy/girl gave you an answer, but obviously, you have all of the answer. Be a know-it-all smart-ass and do whatever you want.

  19. vincentrich says:

    Does she even know that guy is taping? For a workout video, this is pretty weird. It's like something that Quagmire would tape.

  20. But you didn't use zero weight. You used the weight of the sled. So what would be different if the sled weighed 20 more lbs, or 40?

  21. João Paulo says:


  22. etornel79 says:

    she reminds me of the porn star…aurora jolie….but the white version.

  23. Mc Kebab says:

    if not a model.. then a pornstar pls 🙂

  24. muscle1923 says:

    its actually the hack squat machine just done backwards, great way to change things up, I like doing them this way every so often

  25. aligned576 says:

    What is that machine called that she is squatting on?

  26. Danny Bum says:

    Nice ass.. If only half of black women did dis…. Aight yo imagination unastan.

  27. steve Fowler says:

    You could break glass on that ass….amazing….and she is damn pretty too…damn!!!

  28. Juqification says:

    Here's a favor for all of u 1:09

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