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  1. Simon says:

    A quick shout out to some of the very nice legs in the audience!

  2. John Tripler says:

    Loving your beach bunny swim wear you ladies are absolutely beautiful and gorgeous woman always truly enjoy your show love you ladies

  3. Too many, too much at a time, r u crazy!!??

  4. var1328 says:

    I will fuck them all and let God sort it out

  5. Trivis Tab says:

    no matter how plenty the models are but grown men will always search for that one sexy ebony girl in that 😋

  6. ayso mori says:

    some of these girls, i just want to kick them in the face

  7. 👌👍👍👌👍👍👌👍👌👍👌👍

  8. luis ruiz says:

    ya entiendo por que las mujeres se matan con la figura es que estas modelos son uuuuuuyyyy DIOS GRACIAS POR DARME ESTOS OJOS

  9. Am I the only one who came here to actually look at this fashion costumes and not for girls?

  10. 徐雲亮 says:


  11. Andrew Flood says:


  12. I Like It !! moire upload plzzz !!

  13. sanjay Raj says:

    One day you definitely stand before god

  14. All really sexy 😍😍😍😘😘😘 love the girl that you can see the boobs
    Wish she would mery me

  15. Crazy, how can so many angels be at the same show.

  16. 01:17 …Umm….holy…omg….anyone know her name???

  17. Yovanna Ventura is pure beauty.

  18. Mohamed TV says:

    Please show me fashion tv,com Thanks

  19. Hot beautiful stunning gorgeous girls 😍🔥

  20. Anvanho says:

    18:16 !!! At far end, away from the viewer, model collapses into scary crash onto floor!

  21. Who is at the end of the runway at 13:45? She is beautiful!

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