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  1. Jose Mejia says:

    Woman in green crisis cross slingshot bikini is very sexxy and a very nice tight booty

  2. Bikini ladies should be naked and show their boobs hairy pussy vagina

  3. mitch 30014 says:

    any idea where we can get these awesome suits nowadays ?

  4. abcun17 says:

    The women are stunning and the bikinis they are wearing are sexy as hell! And wow…funny to see Larry The Cable Guy back in the day…LOL!

  5. Timmy Walker says:

    at :52 into the video what bikini bottom is she wearing?

  6. Wild bikini contests?Yeah right.

  7. Makitta says:

    Women of today take note.  Notice there is no tattoos.  That's because women should not ruin their beautiful bodies with grease marks and straight across bikini bottoms.

  8. MARK IZ says:

    absolutely fabulous. what year is this…

  9. camaus20 says:

    I'm sorry but these are the way swim suits for women should be made.  Todays suits are BOOOORING.  No leg length and TOOOOO much glute coverage.  The suits are just ugly.

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  11. notsomellow1 says:

    These beat todays low-rise designs. We need to bring back clothing that actually fits at the waist instead of 4-5 inches below the waist. Wow! These look so much Better and make the women look so much more Sexy!!

  12. Jethro Tull says:

    Me and some friends got to judge one of these contests years ago in Florida. What a blast that was. Even the girls who didn't win were happy to hang out & party with us afterwards. Of course, copious amounts of nose candy didn't hurt either. BTW, did anybody recognize Larry the Cable Guy in his younger days at 4:00 ?

  13. yohannbiimu says:

    What happened to these swimsuits? Nobody can touch these for sheer sexiness. The suits today just aren't as sexy anymore.

  14. shane haley says:

    these woman are gorgeous and i would not mind knowing them thats for sure

  15. Dyer Melo says:

    Anyone know the name of the first girl who appears in this video, she is very beautiful and sexy

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