Brazilian bikini model punches presenter for touching her booty during suncreen commerical

Brazilian bikini model punches presenter for touching her big booty trying to show how to apply sun screen

Rayssa Teixeiro Melo demands respects and won’t take shit from any dude

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25 Responses

  1. Np S says:

    Wow we wouldn't have worked it out without you incredible voice over explaining step by step.

  2. FeuerCandy says:

    Why was she even upset? Guess the Butt had only "view" access..

  3. gonicito says:

    I don't think shes asking for it necessarily but if you're going to let a guy put on oil on you on a bikini on T.V. that's usually not a place where you can demand much limits. I feel bad for the girl but she put herself into this situation. Maybe cause she needed the money.

  4. CustomGadget says:

    Sexy Brazilian with phat ass??? Trannies ain't sexy.

  5. Tobias Diggs says:

    I wish she can slap me in the face like that.

  6. Bitch she wears nothing n when he touched her she slapped him

  7. xrx0R 9 says:

    Guy things he can grab such a large ass and get away with it scott-free. Unlucky.

  8. mighty mate says:

    Don't Touch unless you got money.

  9. Francesco F says:

    I think it's fake. Anyway this video is stupid.

  10. maxmann90 says:

    where ever you put your hand your going to touch an ass that big

  11. Big Member says:

    ass fake anyway it's not like he's touching her…..

  12. Big Member says:

    if you walk around like that of course…

  13. snake man says:

    she a whore not in Front of other people

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