Playboy Cover star Candice Boucher models swimsuits in Zanzibar

Go behind the scenes with Candice Baucher, Playboy Cover girl, the face of GUESS and the SASI Swimsuit model, in ZANZIBAR.

Candice Boucher: Netsport Media showreel, shot for SASI, in Zanzibar
Agency: Candice Boucher from Outlaws, South Africa
Director/Producer: Aletha Carswell, Netsport Media
Cameramen: Jason Hearn/Eldon van Aswegen
Photographer: Settimio Benedusi

Artist: Farryl Purkiss
Track Name: Tide

Welcome to the official World Swimsuit Channel. Catch a glimpse of our beautiful Swimsuit Superstars as they are shot by some of the world`s best photographers, cameramen and directors. Watch behind the scenes footage of the hottest swimsuit models, as they shoot in exotic locations around the globe.

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28 Responses

  1. Nick Hammer says:

    lame , she blew her way here

  2. JV says:

    1 min,? Really , i want my click back.

  3. Bob Diersing says:

    GreinerC in PREH (from heaven Greiner)

  4. GODrules555 says:

    0:30 Bathing suit is perfect except that it should be "V" designed in the front, and of course full buttock covered in the back, and tight like sports attire for physical activity. EYE 5

  5. Que merda meu. Cover. Só pano renda café a peça?

  6. Giovanni Bush 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  7. To je prevara, jer nije prikazana scena sa minijature.

  8. Dennis James says:

    Natural cures enlarged phostrate

  9. XXX MAN says:



  10. A very simple production. But at least he has one, I don’t have one formalised for tube yet. It’s very interesting how a lot of the comments are biased towards sexual connotations……and body parts enhancements. The point is, it’s supposed to be a photography shoot. There is a clear conflict with it being a video shoot. That’s where this production failed. The last image of the ladies torso/ hips is more relevant with the swimming suit. The beach needs cleaning up. Shoot on a morning or evening when the sun is lower in the sky using the beach / flora and fauna as natural props. Loose “make shift chiffon covered hut”. Having your model laying on that rug on a beach is a travesty. Tooooooo much colour conflict with the swim suit. Also loose the cushions above her head. The composition is too complicated. If the U.K. weather conditions wasn’t so shitty I’d be showing you how it’s supposed to be. But like I said, congratulations, you’ve got some sort of production. Must do better. On a positive, Zanzibar is a place I know nothing about but funnily my wife and I will visit because of your new Riu hotel. iDragonPhotography.

  11. Mark Wilcons says:

    Her legs are a nice combination of strong, healthy and curvy.

  12. tommy sport says:

    Bouncer? Best wishes to all.

  13. Yesss l'm kiss you're breast and than l'm fuul happy nice with you honey

  14. DrGargani says:

    so many negative comments, and this girl is stunningly beautiful!!

  15. AntyAnty1000 says:

    jak kazda,i ten sam smrod z pipy (jak nie umyje)

  16. We want to see hardcore i would love to watch max hardcore show her a nice time

  17. All a fake , beautiful body though

  18. КОроткое кино про блядей**

  19. James Wood says:

    I'd. Love. To. Tap. Her. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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