Miss Florida Full Throttle 2016 – Bikini Contest

Highlights from the 2016 Miss Florida Full Throttle bikini competition. In 40 degree weather, these girls compete at this close competition at the Quaker Steak & Lube in Clearwater, Florida.

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16 Responses

  1. connerjd says:

    They are all winners in my book!

  2. hans v.essen says:

    I love these hot and sexy girls.

  3. The golden-skinned blonde for the win!

  4. Toto Konto says:

    American food is dangerous! Some of them are fat! They have fat legs. Any dancing girl from go-go or ball dancing has more beatifull body than those grils. Amongst them only №1 is good(in pink bikini) anf girl in green bikini.

  5. Can't argue with any of the top 5.

  6. Ada Schmidt says:

    I was in several bikini contests before in California.

  7. TheCamaro5 says:

    Second place was a 10 to me. You need a photo shoot with her.

  8. Thank U, Prime Cut Pro. Very nice, heaithy lassies, I ain't scared of da beautiful tatude-lassies…God blessed them 2… they all need love…

  9. Jay B says:

    Love the fact the women were tattoo free and voluptuous.

  10. Did it get cold during this event Mr Primecutpro??

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