Bikini Dress Code at Olympics

The Olympic Committee has addressed the issue for many countries that may not have been able to compete due to their religion. The United States women’s beach volleyball team will still be sporting bikinis during their matches for the Olympics in London. Many are pleased with the optional change.
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22 Responses

  1. Robert Bob says:

    I support their decision to wear bikinis 100%. However, with respect to dress codes in general in sports, there are only a few reasons for them: (1) to prevent anyone from having a competitive advantage and (2) make members of each team clearly identifiable. (3) Safety.

    Notice that fashion trends, traditional, and religious beliefs are NOT on that list. Let the athletes who wish to overdress do so at the expense of any disadvantage it may impose on them over the typical female athletes in their tight speedo bikinis. If they want to play in coveralls, ankle length dresses, fine, but do not impose such attire on anyone.

  2. marc henry says:

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  6. best video ever. i'm not a perve. but damnit girls are sexy for a reason. a toast to all girls who make fitness and healthy life styles a priority.

  7. a swim suit not a g string. you have never seen men playing in trunks, most men dont wear speedos.

  8. Beach Vollyball. What do you wear to the Beach?

  9. Beach Vollyball. What do you wear to the Beach?

  10. men seem to do sports just fine with clothes on. Women have to be practically naked to compete? I like to look but really these are young girls.

  11. cardsharkaa says:

    Don't bow to religious dogma? the US is still scared of gay marriage LOL

  12. write to me,…. and don't be sarcastic… okay…. a guy goes in the public bathroom – at the door there is written in big big letters, – don't look into the mirror, in this bathroom – of course there was one in there – do think anyone cared about the words on the door? Oh, yes…. the religeous ones did…. one even covered it later….nobody asked, who wrote the stupid rules on the door…


  14. I wanna see dumb ass Muslim chicks in a goddamned burkha try to beat the US team. I'd pay big money to see that slaughter!!

  15. scrreeeeeeech!!! lol fuck ya nerd boy! look at you now!

  16. RealProud says:

    anyone else notice the face in her knee at 1:32 ??

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